Wanderers Fitness Club (WFC)

Dear Wanderers,

In these challenging times we think it’s really important that we all stay connected and do our best to stay fit and healthy. We have set up a “Google Classroom” where we have uploaded some home-based exercise activities. We would encourage everyone to join in and take part.

You can post pictures/videos of yourself doing the exercises at home, or even just leave a comment to encourage one another.  There will be prizes for the best photos/videos that will be presented at the captains dinner. Special prizes for teams that show they are all participating via Skype/Zoom/Videocalls.

Yes, we have a tough next few weeks ahead but you can help make a difference by staying at home. Physical distancing must rule but that does not mean we can’t all stay connected and healthy at the same time. All of the workouts suggested are to be completed at home or in your back garden!! Additional points for workouts completed in WFC gear. The older the gear, the more points on offer!

How do I join?

Download the “Google Classroom” app to your phone enter the classroom code tvvk224

Or you can also just google “Google Classroom” and join the class on your computer by entering the classroom code tvvk224.

Alternatively, you can email WanderersFC1870@gmail.com and we can send you a request to join the class.

This system works best if people have a Gmail account, so maybe set one up before you try to set any of this up. It only takes 5 minutes to set up a Gmail account and it’s free.

Stay safe and let’s all get involved!

Fionn Daly 

Luke O’ Dea 

David O’Connor 

John FitzPatrick                

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