Wanderers Development 2020-2023


Dear Member,

We are writing to update you on the progress achieved to date on the Wanderers Club Development project. Our vision for this development from the start has been to rebuild Wanderers as a community based Sports & Recreational Club. We now seek your support as we continue fundraising for this project and look to turn our vision into reality. In the coming days, every member will receive a brochure detailing how to provide that support.

Planning Permission & Timing

As you may recall, the Club held information meetings and an EGM in November 2019. At this EGM we presented information on the outline design of a proposed new clubhouse and sought and received permission from the members to secure planning permission with a budget of €250,000 plus VAT. As you will be aware, planning permission has been granted for the proposed new clubhouse on the 6th of August and you will be pleased to learn that this was achieved considerably under our approved budget.

Project Features

The goal of the proposed new clubhouse is to provide a modern facility that allows increased usage by Wanderers members of all ages and abilities and to centre our club within the community. Full details of the proposed world class facilities will be included in our Brochure. This new facility will secure the future of Wanderers and allows us to offer a far better experience to members, both current and prospective.

Community Engagement

As part of our 150 year legacy and in honour of our forefathers, we have reached out to one of our local primary schools, St Christopher’s,  as well as partnering with Down Syndrome Centre, to use our facilities as we look to increase their beneficial impact and to broaden our community. We all agree that these will prove transformational for these children and our members in the future.


At the EGM in November we informed you that the estimated cost of building the new clubhouse was €8m. Today we have commitments of €2.3m towards that goal.

The Development committee have recommended to the club Executive that we now extend our fund-raising programme to members and other donors. This fundraising programme has been reviewed by our Executive and Trustees and both agree it to be achievable and in the best interests of club members.
This fundraising programme will actively be raising funds from a variety of sources including:

  • Members
  • Corporate & individual donations
  • Philanthropic endowments
  • Tax Credit benefits

How you can help?

In the coming days you should receive the Funding Brochure and documentation outlining how you can partake in supporting your Club with its plans to provide world class facilities to all its members, young and old and across the community. This brochure includes an embedded QR code which you can scan with your mobile to link to a video about the development

We hope that you are convinced of the merit of this development for current and future members and that all support the fundraising to whatever level suits you as an individual member. Donations are entirely voluntary and no donation is too small or too big.

Wanderers Football Club give you the following commitments in relation to any funds raised from you and in relation to the Project in general:

  • Any Members’ Funds raised for the project will be lodged into a separate bank account and held in Trust for you to be returned to you should the Project not proceed.
  • An EGM will be convened after the conclusion of the Fundraising to seek your approval prior to proceeding further with the Project. We anticipate that this EGM will happen sometime in 2021.
We look forward to your continuing support for this exciting project in this our 150th year of our proud club.Wanderers Development Committee 09.2020

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