Wanderers and the British and Irish Lions

Wanderers feature in Lions Video

This year the Lions in partnership with Canterbury have identified the 681 Lions Origin Clubs i.e. rugby clubs that have provided a player to a Lions tour.

Wanderers are a proud Lions Origin club with 14 members having toured with the Lions and we worked with Lions rugby on a video to celebrate the clubs place in the history of the famous team.

The video launched this week (link below) featuring some familiar faces so please give it a look!


In addition, the Lions also published an article on Wanderers history with the Lions

British & Irish Lions | Lions Origin Club: Wanderers embracing the past and future (lionsrugby.com)

For those that are interested the map/list of all 681 Lions Origin clubs is available here

British & Irish Lions | Lions Origin (lionsrugby.com)

And the full list of Wanderers Lions is:

No 48 Cecil Boyd (1896 South Africa)
No 52 Andrew Clinch (1896 South Africa)
No 53 Tom Crean (1896 South Africa)
No 54 Robert Johnston (1896 South Africa)
No 61 Arthur Meares (1896 South Africa)
No 74 Esmonde Martelli (1899 Australia)
No 98 James Wallace (1903 South Africa)
No 99 Joseph Wallace (1903 South Africa)
No 216 James Clinch (1924 South Africa)
No 267 Paul Murray (1930 Aus/NZ)
No 303 Bob Graves (1938 South Africa)
No 388 Ronnie Dawson (1959 Aus/NZ)
No 410 Andy Mulligan (1959 Aus/NZ)
No 638 Phil Matthews (1989 Centenary vs France)

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