Club Details

Name: Wanderers F.C.
Office phone: 01 2695272


Wanderers Football Club,
65 A Merrion Road,
Dublin 4.

Wanderers F.C., one of the best known Rugby Union Clubs in the world, is Ireland’s second oldest Rugby Club having been founded in 1870 by some former members of Dublin University F C., who up to that time had to seek opponents outside of Ireland, as there was no other Irish club at that time.
Wanderers F.C. was one of the founding clubs of the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU), hence the title Wanderers F.C. and not R.F.C., as all clubs were football clubs prior to the founding of the IRFU.
The club, now in its 152nd season, is proud of its contribution to Rugby Football, having provided 87 Irish International players, 5 captains of Ireland and one captain each of England and Australia in addition to one captain of the Lions.