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SGM held on 19th September

The Special General Meeting of Wanderers FC called for the 19th September 2018 was attended by 59 Members and considered two motions.

The first motion was to adopt a new set of Club rules. There was much debate on the rules and a number of drafting changes were suggested and put to the meeting. The thrust of most of the amendments was to clarify intent, however, there was a more substantial discussion and amendment in relation to the way the Executive Committee of the Club was formed.

The Rules as drafted proposed that the Executive Committee comprise of the five Elected Officers (President, 2 X vice Presidents, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer) and up to seven co-opted members.

A number of Members felt that the ratio of five elected and seven non-elected members of the Executive Committee was not consistent with a democratic Club and could lead to some areas of the Club not being adequately represented.

A number of suggestions were debated and the meeting finally agreed to a proposal that up to two Members of the Executive could be elected from the floor at the Annual General Meeting, provided that they were nominated at least 14 days in advance. This shifted the balance and meant that a majority of the Executive Committee could be directly elected by the Members.

The new rules have a provision that Members must have paid their second subscription to gain voting rights. There was a debate on how this would affect Members who had to leave the country temporarily due to work or other commitments, but had now returned home. There was a suggestion that in some Clubs there was a concept of Membership being suspended rather than lapsed and that this may allow for Members returning from abroad to automatically retain voting rights.

It was felt that to draft wording to accommodate this concept would be difficult to do on the night, but the Honorary Secretary gave a commitment that the Club would consider a suitable wording and propose same at the next Annual General Meeting.

The revised rules were adopted by the meeting by a near unanimous vote. The new Club rules can be found here          Rules of Wanderers FC September 2018

The second motion presented to the meeting was to enable the Executive Committee of the Club to call a Special Meeting of the Council of the IRFU should they consider that proposed changes to the regulations of the All Ireland League are not in the best interest of the amateur game and amateur players. This motion was passed unanimously.

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