As part of the SAFE Rugby initiative, we strongly
urge all clubs, schools and venues to have an
Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in place to guide
the actions of those who may be in attendance in
the event of a medical incident or player injury.

This plan should be made widely available to all coaches, referees, officials
and members to ensure, as much as possible, that an incident in the club or
school is managed in the most efficient and timely fashion.

It is vital to have strategies and procedures in place prior to a crisis.
By developing an EAP, you will be prepared to handle emergency situations
at your practices or games.

The IRFU strongly encourage all clubs and schools to have individuals
trained in first aid available at every training session/ match or rugby related

SAFE Rugby training is available for all those involved in club and school
rugby, both medical and non-medical, through the IRFU. See www.irishrugby.
ie/playingthegame/safe_rugby.php or contact the First Aid and Injury
Prevention Coordinator or ring 086 021 6064.

The following publications explain in more detail the IRFU’s SAFE Rugby initiative

SAFE Rugby Emergency Action Plan

SAFE Rugby Guidlines for Team Doctors

SAFE Rugby AED Guidlines

SAFE Level 1 – sample 16-17