Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting

As per recent notices, you will be aware that our Club rules stipulate that we should hold our AGM in May, or in exceptional circumstances, as soon as possible thereafter.

Although we are getting positive noises on the lifting of the current lockdown, it is unlikely that we will be able to hold a full physical meeting in the coming months. Having considered various options, the Executive Committee feel that with the increased use of video conference call technology it will be possible to hold our AGM virtually.

We are therefore giving notice that our AGM will be held at 8.00 pm on Tuesday 30th June via Zoom.

The meeting will deal with the key issues as specified in the rules, with information available and / or circulated in advance where appropriate. The key issues being the normal officers reports and the election of new officers & up to two additional members to the Executive Committee.

We will be able to take questions in the normal way, but it would make the management of the meeting easier if any questions were submitted to me in advance to Given the medium of the meeting, some issues may be deferred to a subsequent physical meeting.

We are conscious that not everyone will be familiar with Zoom and will therefore cover how to access and use the technology in a separate mail. We are also exploring the possibility of having limited availability in the Clubhouse on the night. This will, however, be dependent on Government guidelines.

Only fully paid up adult Members will be eligible to attend the AGM and nominations for elected roles need to be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary 14 days in advance of the AGM.

Stay safe,

Simon Hoffman

Honorary Secretary