IRFU Compulsory Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme – Cover Provided by scheme

The Compulsory Group Personal Accident Scheme for Clubs is arranged by the lrish Rugby Football Union to provide fixed benefits for death or serious injury following accidents incurred whilst playing or officially training for rugby.

The Scheme is funded by an lnsurance Policy, arranged on behalf of the lrish Rugby Football Union by their lnsurance
Brokers, Aon. The Policy is issued by Aviva lnsurance Limited,

The premium charged by lnsurers responds directly to the amount of claims. This premium is partly subsidised and is then charged by the lrish Rugby Football Union to the Clubs on the basis of the numbers of teams.

There is no legal obligation on the lrish Rugby Football Union to provide insurance cover. Risk is an inherent factor in sport,as in life. When players voluntarily take part in games, they accept the risks that such participation may bring.

The Compulsory lnsurance Scheme does not seek to compensate fully for injury. lts purpose is to provide a minimum level of cover and ultimate responsibility lies with the individual player to ensure he/she is fully covered in accordance with his/her specific needs. Additional voluntary Top-Up cover is available directly from the lrish Rugby Football Union’s lnsurance Brokers, Aon.

To view full details of the scheme please click IRFU_compulsory_clubs_ROI_Eur_2022

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