IRFU – A Guide to Concussion

Why MUST concussion be taken extremely seriously?

• Ignoring the signs and symptoms of concussion may result in death, a more serious brain injury or a prolonged
recovery period.
• The potential for serious and prolonged injury emphasises the need for comprehensive medical assessment and
follow-up until the concussion has fully resolved.
• Returning to play before complete resolution of the concussion exposes the player to recurrent concussions that
might take place with ever decreasing forces.
• Repeat concussions could shorten a player’s career and may have some potential to result in permanent
neurological (brain) impairment.
There is no such thing as a minor concussion or ‘knock to the head’.
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A Guide to Concussion – Pages 1 – 3
A Guide to Concussion – Pages 4 – 6

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