Condolences from Coventry Rugby

Coventry Rugby

Good afternoon, Wanderers.
It was with much sadness that I learned of the death of your president, John Roche-Kelly. And how desperate for a serving president to die in office.
I regret that I am in Lisbon and unable to write a letter on headed paper but am anxious to record our condolences to John’s family in particular and to the wider Wanderers clan. I last saw John at the funeral of a Coventry great, Harry Walker, the then oldest international player in the world. John’s presence at his funeral was a symbol of the heretofore and enduring relationship between our 2 clubs. He was an excellent ambassador for Wanderers, as have been so many of his predecessors in office.
I would be grateful if you could publish this letter on your website and forward it to John’s family.
A brilliant man!
Yours respectfully,
Peter Rossborough.
President Coventry Rugby Club

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