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Club Subscriptions 2018/19 – payment due no later than 30th September

Dear Member,

As another season approaches it is essential that we get the full support of all members, both playing and non playing, particularly in the area of subscription payment. Subscriptions are the life blood of the club’s finances and a major emphasis will be put on subscription collection again this year, as we strive to get subscription income back to what it was in former years. Subscription collection levels have increased significantly over the past few years and for that I thank you all and encourage you to continue to do so.

We need all active members to pay their subscriptions promptly and  ask you to encourage any former members, whom you know, to reengage with Wanderers by paying a subscription.

To all our life members we again ask for your financial support by way of making a “subscription” donation. Life members have always been hugely supportive of the Club and we hope you will continue your generosity by donating again this year. It is hard to believe that the last life membership drive was done  almost  40 years ago!

.The current club subscriptions, which are now due for payment, are

  •         Ordinary member                        €170 plus Vouchers €100
  •         Playing member                          €170
  •         Student member                         € 80 (full time students only. Student ID number required)
  •         Ladies playing member              €100
  •         Overseas/country                       € 80
  •         Life member donation                €170 plus Vouchers €100 (optional)

Subscriptions can be paid online, just click here  to make the payment. Staged payments are facilitated in the online arrangements but the final stage payment must be paid no later 30th November 2017 which means you must commence payments as soon as possible but no later than the end of September . For all those who still deal in cash and cheque you can still drop the payment off to Merrion Road marked for the attention of the Hon. Subscription Treasurer. Subscriptions are now due for payment and must be paid before 30th September 2017.
Application for International tickets will only be accepted from current paid up Club members.

Once again we need all player subscriptions paid as soon as possible. Details of the IRFU Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for Rugby Clubs can be obtained by clicking here. You will also find details of additional cover available for individuals under a special IRFU Scheme and also details of the Wanderers FC policy on playing members personal health Insurance cover. The Executive Committee of Wanderers FC draw the attention of all playing members to these documents and the requirement for all players to have their own health insurance policy.

For your information the cost of the IRFU Insurance Scheme to the Club is approx.  €120 per player. Add to this the cost of maintaining the pitches, the floodlights, providing gear, the laundry of gear, cost of travel, physio services, gym, etc. etc. and you quickly realise there is a huge cost in putting each team out on the pitch every week, throughout the season.

If you have any query do not hesitate to contact me on the number listed below.


John Hunt
Hon. Subscription Treasurer
+353 86 250 3387

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